How do I reset my Drawdown?

"Resetting your Drawdown is easy.

Navigate to ""Account"" , click the ""Drawdown"" button next to copying and then press the ""reset"" button.

This will reset your starting level to 0%. Suppose we have a user called Santi. If he has $5,000 and a hard-stop level set at 20%. If Santi's equity value reaches $4.000 he will reach his hard-stop level. If he resets his Max DD, this would mean that $4,000 becomes the new 0% and Santi's new hard stop level will be 3,200 (20% of 4,000)

This will not reset your hard stop or soft stop levels, this can be edited separately.

Note that the drawdown can only be reset to your live drawdown level, based on your copy trades. Please close all copy trades before attempting to reset your drawdown to 0%.